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We’re privileged to work alongside great partners in under-served communities. Together we plan and implement  sustainable development programs, fostering relationships between donors, civil society groups and beneficiaries. It’s fantastic to see communities start to realise their dreams for a better future.


We’re in awe of our partners and what they accomplish in difficult circumstances. We’re excited to see their capacity to do good increase.

Under-served locations

We get involved where external support is limited, and the needs are compelling: places and communities that have little foreign interaction.

Better future

We’re not talking about anything fancy. Clean water, warmth in winter, the possibility to work and earn, the dignity of a real job, the opportunity for education,  developing skills in health care and teaching, and medical care for expectant mothers.


We work alongside our partners to design programs that deliver tangible sustainable outcomes, and create strong replicable models. We work closely with our partners during the project planning and implementation so dependence on foreign input decreases.

Over time, we hope to see stronger local implementation, processes refined, and greater capability.